"A Christmas Celebration" 
December 2017            - photo by 
Sandy Johansen
"A Christmas Celebration" December 2017 - photo by Sandy Johansen

Our Goal

We are dedicated to providing an enjoyable process for our singers in rehearsals in order to produce entertaining programs with confident performers. We want our audience to have an enjoyable evening with lots of laughter.

Our History

Cedar Mountain Singers began in 1993 when Villagers Harvey McIntyre and Verlee Walter came up with the idea backstage at the musical production of “1776.” They agreed that if they could recruit 25 male singers for that show, surely there was sufficient talent in Hot Springs Village for a mixed community chorus.

Starting that fall with 50 would-be choristers, CMS grew to 80 members by the fall of 1997 and to more than 100 in the first decade of the 2000’s. In the 2010’s, we lost a fair number of our members to moves out of the area and others to illness, infirmity and even death. But interest is strong and our numbers are growing again with 62 singers on stage in May 2018!

We began by singing in various churches of the Village and later moved to Woodlands Auditorium as our popularity grew. The Woodlands stage remains our performance home.

We celebrated our 25th anniversary year in 2017-18.

Our Leaders

Our leaders work with a small steering committee of singers from the group.

Nikki Saltmarsh

Music Director

Nikki has been involved in vocal and instrumental music since childhood and has worked as a conductor, church musician, private instructor and accompanist in a variety of settings for more than 25 years. She joined Cedar Mountain Singers in 2009.

Donna Toney


Donna has enjoyed a musical career as a piano instructor and music educator in Baton Rouge, LA, and Richmond, VA.  She continues her musical path through church music and collaborating with local musicians in HSV. Spring 2019 is her first show with CMS.

Hal Thompson

Assistant Director

Hal has had extensive experience conducting both vocal and instrumental ensembles. He performed professionally in the Chicago area for more than 20 years and has been with Cedar Mountain Singers since 2000.

CMS is for me!

If Cedar Mountain Singers sounds like your kind of group, contact us by clicking Y E S ! at right to get our e-mail address and plan to join us for our first rehearsal!